Grace As In Thirdness Greater Oneness: The Ethic of Integrative Thinking and Being, and Ethics As In Fourthness Continuous Graciousness

All temporal orthodoxies have both truth and untruth in them, and most if not all spiritual orthodoxies have at least the potential for less than thoroughly integrative understanding. In order to prevent the dis-integrative tendency of arguing over mere and incompletely true opinions/orthodoxies I advocate a dynamic ethic of Grace  wherein the truths of opposing perspectives are integrated toward a reality that is a Thirdness and Greater Oneness.

This would be an ethic of mental openness, calmness, willingness and caring-ness to look for greater and more beneficial solutions to any and all problems.

Thirdness Greater Oneness is the object within the temporal universe, and Ethics is a superior to the temporal universe fourthness and continuousness that keeps the ethic of Graciousness moving and manifesting through time.


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