Posted To Steve Keen’s Patreon Page 11/29/2017

By the way Dr. Keen is correct and Max Keiser isn’t. Paradigm changes are characterized by inversion of the old paradigm with its opposite….not reversion to an older paradigm (commodity money). Thus the primacy of the current monetary paradigm of Debt-Burden Only is changed by its inversion Monetary Gifting-Freedom/Freeingness. Other examples of paradigm change inversions are the change from Hunting-Gathering to Agriculture (moving around for abundance to staying in one spot for same) and the Copernican Helio-Centric paradigm change (inversion-change of position/primacy of the earth and the sun). Keiser’s last foray into financial innovation (high speed transactions) didn’t turn out to be very democratically beneficial to the individual and certainly wasn’t used in what could possibly be construed as an ethical way. He needs to stand on his head, not walk backward, and tie monetary policy directly and democratically to the pricing system utilizing double entry bookkeeping (probably humanity’s second best innovation next to cybernation/AI) not unleash another gameable speculative commodity bubble that confuses chaos and freedom.


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