Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 11/29/2017

This is what needs to happen with the national debt:

1) Re-finance all of it at 0% interest

2) Refund all of whatever amount was purchased by individuals or commercial agents other than Banks if they want to invest in traditionally productive enterprise, or they can keep it in the bonds at 0%. The banks can take whatever they have created themselves back as reserves only.

3) The natural interest rate for fiat money is 0%, therefore any new credit/debt created for governmental purposes/financing should forever be 0%.

Note: Some would say that dumping huge amounts of debt in the form of bonds into the economy would be inflationary. Under the present monetary paradigm of Debt Only and with no monetary policies to adequately handle such an increase in the money supply that might actually be true. However, one must realize that it is not the additional money itself that is the root cause of such inflation, but rather the “human freedom to act to increase prices in anticipation of increased demand availability”. Therefore, if we strategically implemented the discount/rebate policy expressed in the thread entitled The Three Secret Policies That Will Change Everything…Revealed To You Now…any such inflation would be more than compensated for even though the amount of readily available money to individuals and enterprise by the other two policies enumerated there was greatly increased.

And why is that a fact? Because monetary policy was DIRECTLY AND RECIPROCALLY tied to the pricing system… the form of a costless GIFT.

Just keep reading and re-reading the above post until its policy actions, reality and effects become completely clear to you.


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