Posted To RWER Blog Regarding The Inadequacy of Science Itself To Solve The Economic Problem

Me: Excellent points, and as I like to say, “Science like food is a wonderful and necessary tool….that exists entirely within the digestive tract of Wisdom.”

MM:  What then are other methods that are valid and better?

Me:  Wisdom,an integration of the scientific method and the discipline known as Wisdom, the process of which is the thorough integration of the truths in apparent opposites….in this case the truths in the opposites/complementary mindsets of Science and Wisdom. Economics requires a new philosophy, no even a new paradigm and science and mathematics are not up to perceiving these….except fragment-ally. Wisdom is a holistic NATURAL process and that is what will enable more and more economists to see the new paradigm as a whole, more philosophically and epistomologically. If one does not have full knowledge of a paradigm they can be staring straight at it….and miss many extremely important and workable aspects of it. And finally, after you’ve looked at the paradigm’s many aspects and seen how they economically apply…when you cognite (recognize for the first time) on the concept behind even the new monetary and economic paradigm is when you truly see and understand. And that’s a natural fact.


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