New Discount/Rebate Policy

The 50% discount/rebate at the business model of retail sale remains the same. Thus integrating consumer price deflation beneficially into profit making systems and doubling everyone’s purchasing power .

For all other businesses/models if after a monthly rigorous examination of their books they do not raise their prices the National Credit Office/FED/Treasury will gift them the equivalent of what a 1% increase in their prices would have brought them. And if they do increase their prices for reasons other than new and legitimate additional costs, then they are taxed on whatever that increase would have brought them at a rate of 150%. Thus the government takes sovereign, adult, responsible, benevolent, rewarding of virtue, punishing of vice, freeing control of the pricing system of commerce.

God I love the wise and caring third alternative.

Note: Let the fallacious ideas of the Quantity Theory of Money and the misnomer of monetary inflation be forever resigned to the dustbin of history.

The effect of this new “wrinkle” is that it extends the dividend policy to commercial agents while encouraging positive economic behavior (honesty, frugality, responsibility for the system as a whole) and discouraging economic vice (human/commercial freedom to inflate prices without good cause). It is an example of the best integration of the practical and the ideal which always characterizes Wisdom.

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