Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum Regarding China and Russia Trying to Replace The Dollar As Reserve Currency

It’s all well and good for China and Russia to attempt to blunt and disrupt US dominance regarding the petro-dollar and reserve currency etc. The one thing the US could do to make this not only irrelevant, but turn the tables on Russia, China and any other country that wants to become an export platform would be to stabilize and supercharge its DOMESTIC economy with a sufficiently abundant universal dividend and a price deflationary discount policy thus enabling them to re-industrialize because without the “necessity” of having to worry about unemployment due to the guaranteed middle class income from the dividend you could do that in the most technologically efficient and ecologically sensitive fashion possible.  Their consequent loss of the US market would force China etc. to seek other markets or better yet to stabilize their own domestic markets with the same policies.

Without a vision….you only see part of the solution.


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