The Policy That Enlightens and Enables The New Monetary and Economic Paradigm

The policy is The Generalized Point of “Retail Sale” Discount/Rebate “Pass On”.

This enables enterprise at all levels and business models throughout the economy to completely unobtrusively find their true and best competitive price for whatever product or service, discount it 50% to their consumer and then receive a rebate of their discounts back to them by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so. It is completely valid economically, does not invalidate or eliminate costs or their accounting, but rather compensates for them within and throughout the entire process of the economy.

The net effects of the policy are an incredible stabilization of commerce,  an immediate doubling of individual purchasing power, the beneficial integration of price deflation into profit making systems, an end to the dominating financial paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only, via their participation in the policy the transformation of  the business model of Finance from a parasite into partnership and finally, the saturation of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, again, throughout the entire process of the economy.

This policy is the discovery of the ellipse and the invention of the telescope, the sciences of grain cultivation and animal husbandry all wrapped up in one paradigmatic changing package. It is not just “greasing the skids” of commerce it is pushing it along on a cryogenic magnetic and levitatative rail that can enable greater innovation, resource conservation and profit. It’s the breakthrough integrative policy that can forever end the oppressive dominance of the business model of Finance and usher in a new golden age for general abundance and freedom for the individual.

Steve Hummel 11/25/2017

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