Wisdomics-Gracenomics And International Trade

Wisdomics-Gracenomics will greatly stabilize the domestic economy….and its implementation will have knock on effects on international trade.

First off, one of the aspects of the concept behind the new paradigm is dynamic ethical balance.  In other words ethics is a primary, nae the primary consideration behind the new paradigm….which if one looks at the history of economics….is something entirely new. It’s not that ethics, of a sort, have not been there, it’s that ethics, well considered ethics, have never, ever been primary.  

Finance, which can be a legitimate business model, has none the less been problematic to the point of parasitism….for millennia. That must and will end with the new paradigm…and the reasonable, ethical and dynamically balancing policies and regulations that will accompany the stabilizing changes brought about by the primary policies of the new paradigm.

In other words Finance must and will yield its problematic and corrupting grip….on the rest of the economy.

There will no longer be any necessity for export platform-ism with domestic economic stability.

Accompanying regulation of leveraged speculations on commodities and currencies will be dynamically balanced and aligned with the new paradigm.

Wildly de-stabilizing and unethical speculations (various derivative products, naked shorting, etc.) ….will not be allowed, will not be acknowledged and will be considered null and void from any domestic or foreign source.

The legitimate function of taxation as discouragement of economic vices will apply.

International financial and corporate organizations will respect the new paradigm and its sane and ethical regulations.

These policies and regulations will and should be a part of the recognition of the new paradigm….as the new unmistakable advance that is a new paradigm itself.  Of course this recognition will inevitably be a process, especially for Finance, and yet, while there is no end to history….there is also the history of both expanding human awareness and of paradigm changes wherein everything adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around.

Final translation:  Monetary Gifting is the new primary paradigm, Debt Only was the old primary paradigm, Debt will remain an aspect of the economy but….ANY. ANTI-SOCIAL. ATTEMPTS. BY FINANCE/FINANCIERS TO DE-STABILIZE OR THWART THE NEW PARADIGM. WILL. NOT. BE. ALLOWED. …..FULL STOP.


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