Theory Alignment vs Policy Alignment: Which Is The One That Will Make The Breakthrough To Paradigm Perception Complete?

It’s Policy. First, policy is where the “economic rubber hits the road” of temporal reality. Second, the tendency of every policy of cutting edge heterodox, inconoclastic, anti-financial dominance and disequilibrium  theory is aligned with the Wisdomics-Gracenomics’ paradigms of monetary abundance, dynamic ratio, directness, reciprocality and gifting, and yet these same policy recommendations are fragmentary, incomplete and/or un-integrated and so lacking in full consciousness and insight as to the exact complementary policies that will achieve the breakthrough to complete micro-foundational integration and the consequent perception of  the new paradigm and the depth of its effects.


Modern Debt Jubilee/UBI/QE For The Individual…..aligns with monetary abundance, directness and gifting, but not with dynamic ratio or reciprocality

MMT/Job Guarantee….aligns with monetary abundance and directness, but insufficiently  with dynamic ratio and reciprocality, not at all with gifting

Disequilibrium/Minsky Instability….aligns with abundance, dynamic ratio (disequilibrium), but insufficiently with directness, reciprocality and gifting

Social Credit/Dividend and Discount….aligns with dynamic ratio, directness, reciprocality and gifting, but not necessarily with monetary abundance (a slight bias toward equilibrium)


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