My Facebook: Trump:

…”but I don’t blame China, they’re just doing what is best for themselves.” (at least not to their faces and while I’m here, at home I’ll demagogue them all to hell)

Subliminal message: They’re out dominating us economically.

The whole problem is everyone is stuck in the mindset and policies of domination…instead of in the mindset and policies of Grace/graciousness.

JS:  There is no winner in a trade war, although I think China has some disreputable trade practices. The US did not lose manufacturing jobs to China, or at least mostly to China. They lost them to automation, and China will soon lose them too. I’m not enamored with Trump’s economic policies, and I’m not even enamored with Trump right now. The reason I supported Trump in the election is that he was the only one with an anti-globalist agenda. Until you slay that dragon, there will be no “gifting” economy, or Social Credit. You have to kick the globalists to the curb, and take control over your own nation. The World Bank and the IMF will never allow Social Credit to be implemented.

Me:   Yes, the globalist paradigm is errant, the Protestant-Individuality/Catholic-Subsidiarity paradigms are the true integrative route to national and international prosperity.

I would also say that it was an integrated phenomenon of the globalist corporations moving American jobs to China where they created the best and most efficient factories at that time in order to become the global export platform to America and the world in the interests of the Chinese government and the global corporations ONLY…but not in the interests of America and its citizens.

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