The Cosmic Code: A New Paradigm Is…

…an inversion, and further an inversion of primacy.

Current paradigms:

[ (individual monetary scarcity x indirectness of monetary policy)  <–>  inter-temporal cost-price inflation ]  Debt Only

New paradigms:

[ (individual monetary abundance x  directness/reciprocality of monetary policy) <–>  inter-temporal cost-price deflation ]  Still have Debt, but Gifting is integrated into the economy and becomes the new primary paradigm

Note: the reciprocality of the high percentage discount applied to every point of sale enables price deflation in profit making economies.

You can use the cosmic code formula for any economic factors and/or old/present paradigms like equilibrium:

Current paradigms:

[ (statistical analysis x  linear analysis)  an apparent statistical balance-equilibrium that is actually a harmful disequilibrium ]

New paradigms:

[ (statistical & macro-analysis x dynamic & differential analysis) an actual “higher” and collectively beneficial disequilibrium….if one implements both of the complementary policies of an abundant universal individual dividend and a high percentage reciprocated discount at the point of sale  ]

By the way The Cosmic Code formula is what I refer to as philosophical mathematics.

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