Governmental and Economic Regulation,.

…based on a fully fleshed out concept of Grace. That is wise (discerning not falling for appearencies), benevolent (economically gracious to all but those who exploit or dominate), effective (maintaining virtue in the world and watchful regarding vices and crimes) and sovereign (and so, when and where necessary, powerfully and yet judiciously sanctioning).

Governmental and economic Grace is a continuing process. It’s not one off innocuous policies. It may be one off dynamic, effective and resolving policy.  The point is that Grace is a dynamically continuing concept, set of actions and experiences. Its aspects and results are ongoing, and as consciousness and  broadening of understanding and acting in Life are also some of its aspects… is it also a continuing beautiful and ethical ascension of governmental and economic regulation….that political and economic/commercial leaders increasingly recognize as good for themselves, for the individual and for society.


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