The Point Of Sale Is…

…analogous to present time for an individual and for consciousness raising, as being fully and focusedly in the present moment is when and where all of the world’s wisdom traditions say self awareness/full consciousness/grace, which are the ultimate beneficial experiences in Life, are fully purposed and realized. One temporarily stops time by being fully conscious in, on and within the moment.

The moment of sale is when and where the most basic purpose of commerce and profit making economic systems is accomplished.  It is also where all costs and prices are terminally summed and ended for any item or service. That is they are at a full and satisfactory, if temporary stopping point in the flow of that item or service. No agent can ethically or legally claim more at the point of sale after it has been set and met. Thus, if a reciprocal monetary policy that reduces the price to the consumer at that point and then rebates the full discount back to the enterprise giving it….neither agent can be harmed and both can be benefited by such policy. 


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