Posted To RWER Blog 10/22/2017

Yes, government creates some money, but private finance still has a virtual monopoly in that regard. And even government injection of money via enterprise still does not effectively resolve the chronic scarcity of aggregate individual income in ratio to total costs and so total prices. Regardless of whether one wants to confront the cost inflationary nature of modern economies (and even if it were not true) virtually all economists seem to be unaware of the fact that every selling point within and throughout the entire economic/productive process is a summing and momentary stopping point for total costs and total prices. Hence it is the perfectly unobtrusive place to implement a reciprocal discount/rebate monetary policy that can accomplish what up until now has been considered impossible, namely beneficially integrating price deflation into profit making systems. It also brings greater awareness to the specific operations of the pricing/costing system of commerce and as a result best enables the above policy which is the long sought seamless integration of macro policy with micro-foundations. Finally, it ends the monopolistically dominating paradigms of private finance and also ends the problematic necessity of continuous borrowing in order to attempt (and ultimately fail) to keep “treading water” modern economies from falling into recession/depression. This policy and others and the philosophy behind them are in my soon to be published book Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Integrative Economic Theory of The New Monetary Paradigm.


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