The Psychological Experience of Grace As In High Frequency Oscillation/Quantum Resonance….

….that greatly stabilizes and focuses consciousness, experience and, if philosophically and policy aligned, does the same for systems.

The following excerpt also confirms the Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process description of The Cosmic Code.

From the article

Confirmation of Quantum Resonance in Brain Microtubules


In between a rock and a hard place? Find the middle way  

As more and more nonlocal quantum mechanical phenomena are discovered within the biological system, Hameroff’s and Penrose’ theory (as well as other researchers who are investigating this new frontier of science) is accumulating tangible empirical evidence, so that models of quantum consciousness are transitioning from beautiful theoretical constructs – to demonstrable facts. What’s remarkable about Hameroff’s as well as Haramein’s model of consciousness is that they find the middle ground between two extremes: the spiritual / metaphysical perspective on one side, in which consciousness is primary and cannot really be explained scientifically; and on the other side the scientific / materialist perspective, in which consciousness is an epiphenomenological illusionary state that emerges from the complexity of neurons and plays no part in the dynamics of the Universe at large. Instead, what we call consciousness may not only arise from the dynamics of discrete physical events of the quantum spacetime manifold, but play an intrinsic role in the ordering and dynamics of the Universe as well.


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