Populist Dis-integrative Intellect and The Integrative Formula of The Cosmic Code

The president and his present and former advisers are advocates of a third rate dis-integrative populist intellect. This is misinterpreted by other populists as constructive change, but the closer look betrays the dis-integrative reality.
For instance, Steve Bannon is an advocate of the sketchy concept put forth by William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book The Fourth Turning wherein civilizations go through four phases the last where elites are replaced by new elites. What the Fourth Turning describes in actuality is the oft observed civilizational failure to recognize and accomplish a true Trinity-Unity-Oneness which is the historic signature of paradigm change and the very process of Wisdom which is the thorough integration of the truths in apparently opposing perspectives. The Fourth Turning is a kind of dark side, false Trinity-Unity-Oneness of
[ (Force <–> Flux –> An alleged advance which is actually a disintegration ]
when the true Trinity-Unity-Oneness is accomplished by
[ (Truth x Opposing Truth) –> An actual Thirdness that is also a more unified wholeness ]
This Trinity-Unity-Oneness formula is what I refer to in my book as The Cosmic Code which is reflected all over nature, (symmetrical sides of a leaf and the stem from which they arise) in human logic and philosophy (the Hegelian Dialectic) , mathematics (the Fibonacci Sequence) and spirituality (the zen koan which is the contemplation of a dualistic intellectual conundrum that results in satori/enlightenment, the contemplative mental processes of prayer/meditation which resolves a personal problem and/or creates a new and higher self actualization).

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