Posted to RWER Blog 09/30/2017

G:  I’d love to invite each participating writer to RWER to offer their best ideas for the five most important building blocks for a new economy.

Me:  #1 Base the economic system on a philosophical concept that integrates and INCLUDES both profit and concern for the individual and is yet a unitary thirdness, and regulate the economy so as to effectively eliminate the vast majority of inevitable conflict that will arise between the two.

#2 Actually align monetary policies with that concept that deal effectively with costs and time ( i.e. immediacy of effect via both directness and spanning time).

#3 Those policies are a monthly dividend paid to everyone 18 and older and a relatively high discount (40%+) to the retail product of each business model that is then rebated back to the producer giving it.

#4 Declare any shorting of the currency null and void.

#5 Use tax policy to discourage leveraged speculation, purely financial pooling of money and to encourage innovation, competition, AI and research on ways to produce more with less resources.

G:  Thanks for your ideas…

(1) Yes. But what is a unitary thirdness?

(2) I don’t understand this.

(3) This is Basic Income? I don’t understand the second part about a 40% discount.

(4) Would a Financial Transactions Tax assist a ban on currency shorting, or not be needed?

(5) Yes.

Me:  Sorry about the delay in getting back to you guy.

#1) A unitary thirdness is the result of the thorough integration of the truths and only the truths in apparently opposing perspectives, so much so that the body of knowledge, system, mental understanding is an actually distinct third reality. Intergation of opposites is the very process of Wisdom and thirdness is its signature. Oneness is the signature of the pinnacle philosophical concept of Wisdom pointed at by all of the world’s major wisdom traditions and is variously called satori-kensho, samadhi or grace.

#2) Three of the aspects of grace are directness, immediacy of effect and the ability to maintain an effect through time. A universal dividend economically accomplishes all of these.

#3) A basic income guarantee could actually be a way to trap people in second class citizenship especially as innovation and AI, which are really just getting started, reduce the rational need for human input in the economy. What is needed is a relatively abundant dividend that would guarantee a middle class level of lifestyle. The discount policy is also a relatively high percentage discount to the “retail product” of every business model (not just the model of retail) that a monetary authority with full arm’s length constitutional protections would be mandated to set the percentage rate and rebate participating businesses’ discounts back to them so that they could whole on their overheads and margins. This is an extremely potent policy as it would enable businesses to sell their products/services considerably below their best competitive price and along with the dividend immediately increase the the purchasing power of the individual. It also would do what up until now was considered impossible, namely beneficially and painlessly integrating price deflation into profit making systems.

#4) It might discourage it, but the reason it is important to declare naked/leveraged shorting of a currency is that this was one of the ways that anti-social financial intentions created the rare occurrence of hyperinflation, and if/when the new monetary paradigm of direct and reciprocal Gifting is awakened to and implemented you can count on Finance doing whatever they can to thwart it.

#5) Yes indeed. Let us have the dynamism of profit making systems and the ethical intentions of socialism thoroughly integrated so as to wisely create the unitary thirdness-oneness of Monetary and Economic Distributism.


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