MMT: Another Truthful And Yet Incomplete Reform and Monetary Movement That Is Only Partially Conscious of The New Paradigm

If taxes are basically irrelevant and largely unnecessary, then MMT exposes the fact that we live in a potentially distributive money system…and all we have to do is truly realize the significance of that fact and craft policies that take effective control of the system. They stop short of that probably mostly because they do not have a fully fleshed out philosophical understanding of the concept behind the new paradigm, namely the natural philosophical concept of grace, specifically grace as in the gift/gifting, but also because they do not have a good understanding of cost accounting and the monetary and economic significance of the relationships between the datums found there.

In the temporal universe there is no such thing as total freedom, but rather only freedom amongst barriers. That means that to treat the economy and/or the money system as if they were God and hence that we must not touch or alter them is superstitious nonsense. The correct mindset is to take adult, ethical and yet graciously unobtrusive control of these systems so as to create the most freedom for all agents and the most free flowingness for the system.

That is what the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics does.


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