Wisdom Is Always The Closer Look

This is how I discovered that Douglas’s retail discount policy could be applied not just at retail, but at each stopping and summing point in the continuous flow of the economy, in other words at the point of retail sale of any business model’s products or services to the next business model on the line toward the business model of retail sale. It also came out my being aware of one of the oldest insights of one of the world’s oldest wisdom traditions, Hinduism, in what is known as the Rig Veda, and that is the insight that the temporal universe follows an immutable and continuous process of Starting, Changing and Stopping also known as the cycle of action.

And so,….as a sale is a summing and stopping point within the incredible complexity of the overall economy, and both the money system and the pricing system are digital, Douglas’s macro-economic insight into the economy’s most basic problem, i.e. the rate of flow of total costs and so total prices, (because the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price is always and correctly enforced) always tends to exceed the rate of flow of total individual incomes simultaneously produced….the point of sale is the exact time and place to implement a discount to prices that is monetarily gifted back to the enterprises offering such discount thus creating the ideal economic climate of lots of available purchasing power and miraculously up until now….price deflation painlessly and beneficially integrated into profit making systems. It’s a win-win for all agents and for the entire system.


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