Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Google Group 09/29/2017

Yes, that’s the structural power of Finance, and it’s an awesome power that Public Banking needs to balance, but even more powerful and subtle are the enforced monopolistic paradigms of Finance which are Debt, Loan and For Production ONLY. They are subtle because we are so used to them that we fail to see alternative ones.

Even very intelligent and iconoclastic people like Steve Keen can suggest actions (“a modern debt jubilee”) that perfectly reflect the concept of the new paradigm and yet, due to either philosophical neglect or perhaps simply habitual intellectual fragmentation still miss that underlying concept and so do not fully consciously perceive it.

Subtlety and apparent absurdity (conceptually paradigm changes are always oppositional, and inversions of the primacy of current ones) This has always been the problem with paradigm changes and consciousness raising.


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