Quo Vadis Mr. President?

I could overlook all of Trump’s godawful demagogic manipulation of his base and his third rate populist intellect if he would do the one thing truly freeing and effective that the nation needs which is implement the dual policies of a monthly dividend payment in the range of $1500 to everyone 18 years and older and a relatively high percentage discount (say 40%) to the product of each business model that was in turn rebated back to the enterprise granting the discount by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so, so that they could be whole on their overheads and margins of profit.
All cutting edge economic movements are trending toward the first of these policies and/or an end to the austerity policies of the currently dominant economic theory of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE). The second policy, which would accomplish what has up till now been considered impossible, namely benevolently integrating ongoing price deflation into profit making systems, is the real key to making both policies work and overcoming the present dominating monopolistic financial paradigm of Debt Only and in so doing, saving Finance Capitalism from itself.
I’m not holding my breathe of course because Trump IMO is likely a serial financial fraudster and money launderer, but if he could muster the will to pursue these policies and get them implemented he’d probably be hailed as our greatest president since Lincoln.
So how about it Mr. President?

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