Posted To Democracy For The 21st Centruy Blog 09/22/2017

Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, MMT, Ellen Brown’s Public Banking all have merit and have an aspect or aspects of the problem identified. They have all been advocating one of the policies (universal dividend) and coming to the conclusion about the dominance and instability of the business model of finance.

C. H. Douglas of course isolated the exact dimensions of the problem almost 100 years ago (the rate of flow of total costs and so total prices inherently exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes in technologically advanced capital intensive economies) and suggested not only a universal dividend, but also a rebated back to enterprise discount given to consumers by retail merchants.

But even Douglas’s Social Credit still had the stench of the orthodoxies of austerity and general equilibrium hanging around it, and also did not have a complete exegesis of the concept upon which Social Credit was based, namely the NATURAL philosophical concept of grace as in gifting.

My Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the fully iconoclastic break with the above orthodoxies and the scientific and cutting edge quantum physics aligned policy extensions of Social Credit and the full philosophical fleshing out of its underlying concept.


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