Total Business Revenue Is Not Total Individual Income…

…and the cost inflationary nature of modern economies is not the result of increasing marginal costs.  The scarcity of individual income and costs arises out of the fact that money that “re-circulates”…”re-circulates” as business revenue and then is reduced, as all revenue is, against expenses. This costing/pricing/expensing  system integral and inherent to all commerce and essential in assessing profitability or lack thereof is the missing fact economists are looking for in their search for why the economy is not stable and does not tend toward equilibrium.  It is also the impetus for the only way that the economy presently can avoid forthrightly descending into recession and then depression, namely borrow more money. But that of course incurs costs even at 0% interest which consequently does not resolve the inherent scarcity of individual incomes.

Breaking up the monopoly monetary/financial paradigms of Debt and Loan Only with the new primary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is essential for avoiding these otherwise inevitable cost inflationary effects of the economy and accomplishing the actual solution for it.


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