The Transformational and Analogous Points of “Retail Product Sale” and Self Awareness

The point and time of “retail product sale” is completely analogous to the “magical” point of nowness-newness-consciousness referred to as the self aware present moment in consciousness raising….because “Retail Product Sale” is exactly the when, where and the salient point and purpose of the economic process….the same as the the present moment is exactly when, where and what one meets…when they become much more fully conscious, that is, that they are a conscious BEING who has the transformational ability to create and self actualize their own reality and direct the purposes of their life.

Furthermore, the pinnacle concept of Wisdom is grace and the ultimate freeing experience of human Life results from the cultivation of graciousness, and the economy being a human system will only truly be free and free flowing when its purposes and policies are aligned with the philosophical concept of grace. This is reality. This is logic. This is truth.

c copyright 08/02/2017

Steve Hummel




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