UBI vs Abundant Dividend

A basic income is actually just another way for Finance to extend the life of their dominance of everyone. Basic is old paradigm scarcity thinking. Grace, monetary and otherwise, is all about abundance. If you have a sufficiently abundant universal dividend and a high percentage discount to prices not only will you break up private finance’s monopoly paradigm of debt and loan ONLY, but you will also be able to eliminate virtually all transfer taxes that both individuals and enterprise pay for welfare, unemployment insurance and even quite quickly social security. Finally with abundant Gifting and prices always discounted/deflated it will also so saturate the entire economy with monetary grace as in Gifting that the market need and necessity for new borrowing will largely wither away. An economy of Grace as in Abundant Gifting. Precisely as one who believes in God needs to contemplate God’s Grace to deepen their experience of it, so one also needs to contemplate monetary grace as in Gifting in order to properly and thoroughly visualize it.

I’m actually not that worried about everyone becoming slothful etc. The vast majority of us find purposes other than work and I don’t think that majority will do anything but increase. However, as I have written on my blog as a way to condition people to the increased leisure (leisure is not idleness, but rather participation in self chosen activities that one is interested in and enjoys) I advocate changing the definition of full time work to 20 hrs/wk which will make unemployment virtually disappear and with the abundant dividend and discount policies people will still have what amounts to a better than middle class income guaranteed and much more if they chose to work more than 20 hrs/wk. Employment as purpose is only a subset of total possible positive and constructive purposes.


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