Structural Regulations and Entities Necessary Along With The New Paradigm and Dual Policies

A Public Banking System will be implemented where all profit after normal expenses returns to the government for funding various programs along economic, environmental and social programs that align with the concept of grace.

Derivative products will be severely reduced and/or eliminated.

Any and all shorting of the currency foreign or domestic will be null and void in their effects. Money is not a commodity.

Private finance will be reduced to intermediation of existing money.

The public banking system will be allowed to make loans only after clearing by the National Credit Office which will make the final decision about all new money creation.

Every attempt will be made to prevent laundered money from criminal activities to enter the system, and those responsible for any such money entering the system will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

In return for the stable and abundant economic system created by the dual policies of the dividend and discount, and the savings enabled by the elimination of most if not all transfer taxes every enterprise opting into such policies will agree to a rigorous monthly examination of their accountancy. If arbitrary cost/price inflation is discovered and confirmed the enterprise will pay fines 5 times the amount of such increase. If the enterprise and its management is discovered repeating such or any other outness not justified by legitimate economic factors they will lose their discount privileges and face felony charges for fraud. Graciousness is both benevolent and sovereign and so will not tolerate any attempts to undo a system so based.

Any and all regulations will reflect both the benevolence and strong ethical willingness to act aspects of the philosophical concept of grace.


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