The Paradigm of Debt and Loan Only….

….the real and deepest factor behind civilizational collapse…throughout history.

So we had better come up with a new primary paradigm….or we’re toast. And as every paradigm change is characterized as either a swapping of primary position and or power,  an inversion of a ratio and/or the integration of a completely oppositional idea into the present paradigm I vote for Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting as the new economic and monetary paradigm and here’s why:

The current monetary paradigm of Debt and Loan Only has led to the domination of every other business model and probably 96% of the general populace by the business model of Finance.

Monetary free Gifting is a complete opposite of Debt/Loan/Cost and swapping out Debt/Loan/Cost as the primary paradigm is perfectly analogous to the swapping of position of primacy of the earth and sun in the Copernican helio-centric paradigm change.

The ratio of the rate of flow of total costs/prices now inherently exceeding the rate of flow of total individual incomes is the deepest macro-economic problem/reality, and so the inversion of that ratio, i.e. an abundant rate of flow of total individual incomes intelligently integrated into the micro-economy in ratio to total costs/prices is the new paradigm solution to that deepest problem.

Finance has dominated humanity for at least the last 5000 years.  If that doesn’t call for concerted and immediate action by everyone to rectify the prima facie unethical condition of that dominance by the implementation of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….then I suppose we can walk around on all fours in unconscious enslavement for a few more years until the integration of smart nuclear weaponry and social chaos occurs in spades.



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