The Problem Is…

…the idea of Debt only.  That is, the idea that we can only utilize Debt to finance. And then, how do you intelligently and rationally utilize something else to finance besides Debt, so that both the individual and enterprise are freed….and the business model that currently enforces the Debt only paradigm no longer unethically dominates.

The answer is so simple and elegant that when one sees it and understands how, when and where it is implemented most people wonder how economists could not see the solution before. And the reason for this is that this is the nature of paradigm change which is a deep and basic insight into the resolution to a problem that everyone is afflicted by and so that insight causes an instantaneous and mass de-hypnotization. It is a mass problem solving, a mass awakening to a new solution.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is worthy of a Nobel Prize, but it only frees us from unnecessary austerity and pre-occupation with an activity that prevents us from having a more full and fulfilling life, that is, Wisdom-Self Awareness itself. And that is why The Cosmic Code is so important, because it is both the identification of the Cosmos’ most basic structural reality, and the model for obtaining and maintaining Wisdom as well.

Everything in Life is a two edged sword, a choice, so we must learn to choose wisely and consciously by seeing twoness and threeness-oneness.


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