Back Of The Envelope, Occam’s Razor Version Of Wisdomics-Gracenomics

Governments are not budget constrained like households are.

The costing/pricing and money systems are digital in nature, that is $100 in debt, costs and/or prices is cancelled by $100 in money.

Every point of sale in an economy is a summation of costs and prices and also a stopping/ending point where production becomes consumption, and so each of these points in time is the ideal place and time for a monetary authority to implement the specific digital monetary and economic policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics. 

The discount at the business model of retail is where Social Credit theory ended and was no longer examined by its advocates until several years ago when I extended the concept to the “retail product” of every business model and so to virtually all enterprises thus not only extending its likely acceptance as a beneficial policy by its complete inclusiveness, but also as a means of thoroughly saturating the economy with the new and necessary paradigm of  monetary grace as in Gifting, and finally ending the dominance of the monopolistic paradigms of Debt, Loan and for enterprise For Production Only. This insight and policy extension also enables the true and thorough integration of cutting edge macro-economic theory with the micro-economy which even the best macro-economists have either decided is unnecessary or impossible.

This insight was made possible by my realization that the process of Wisdom itself is the integration of the truths in opposites, and that the full and yet most basic reality of the cosmos is an integrated duality-opposites within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-process-flow.

In other words I realized that the economy no matter how complex was an integrated-integrative whole where the stopping points throughout its entire process are the ideal places and times to implement a new monetary and economic paradigm and its policies and thus transforming its austerity, chronic balkiness and occasional collapse into relative abundance for all agents and free flowingness to the entire system.

The costs of fixed capital, especially in technologically advanced capital intensive economies are a flow of additional costs over and above the costs of finance and so the rate of flow of total costs will always exceed the rate of flow of total individual incomes, even ideally available to liquidate such costs…which never happens…and this means that in order for an economy to be in a state of free flow (not a static/statistical, momentary equilibrium) the rate of flow of total individual incomes must exceed the rate of flow of total costs/prices….and so a relatively abundant universal dividend  and a relatively high discount percentage to every selling price-point is necessary if the classical goal of economic free flow is to be possible in advanced economies. 

Note: a 30% discount and an additional 10% if the enterprise does not raise its prices just in an attempt to make more profit and yet tend to de-stabilize the system, and also submits to a rigorous examination of their accounting to make sure they are not doing such. And if they fail to abide by the ethical rules of the system and/or examiners find accounting fraud the enterprise loses its discount privileges….and anyone participating in the fraudulent accounting is subject to first class felony fraud..

The new and primary monetary and economic paradigm is Monetary Grace as in Gifting which replaces the old primary paradigms of Debt, Loan and (for enterprise) For Production Only, and the new primary paradigm must be thoroughly integrated into the debt based money and costing/pricing system.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the actual and true neo-classical synthesis which DSGE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium) theory never actually accomplished, because it was merely a justification for advanced Finance Capitalism and its monopolistic paradigms as per above.

There will of course be regulation necessary, primarily structural and speculative in nature regarding finance, right along with the transformative effects of the new monetary and economic paradigm of Monetary Gifting, but all other major parts of the economy will need to adjust to the new paradigm….NOT the other way around. This is the history, the correct history of all paradigm changes and ethically beneficial human progress. Finance’s dominance of the economy and the nation must never rise again. The business model of finance itself has legitimate uses and purposes and will thrive right along with every other business model…but, again, it will take its proper and smaller place ALONG SIDE every other business model NOT above it so as to dominate and manipulate.


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