First Draft For Speech About Wisdomics-Gracenomics

How would you like to understand the most basic problem of our economic system?

How would you like to fully recognize the only way to actually solve that problem with the specific policies I’m going to give you today?

How would you as an individual and you as a businessman like to finally live in an economic system that places both of your interests first instead of coming second or third behind the dominant power in the current system?

Lastly, how would you like to get the news that the new paradigm and policies that solve the above deepest problem are indeed “too good to be true” …but only so long as your mind does not fully grasp the new paradigm and remains captured by the old paradigm. Which means if you fully understand the new paradigm….you recognize that it is indeed the only way to actually solve the problem….and so it is no longer the conventional wisdom that it’s “too good to be true”.  In fact part of the proof that a new paradigm is authentic is that it is considered “too good to be true”, absurd, ridiculous and irrelevant right up until it becomes the new greater reality. This is the history of each and every actual paradigm change that has occurred because true paradigm changes are always complete inversions/conceptual opposites….of the old paradigm.

Now assignment. Jot down these three names for future reading if you want to better understand the theoretical background of the integrative philosophy and policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics that I am going to talk to you about today.

Economics is often referred to as “the dismal science” and not without reason. But I’m not going to make your eyes glaze over with all of the ins and outs of it here. Instead I’m giving you the man whose theories first isolated the deepest problem and the two men who have most recently re-discovered what he said. So write down these names:

Clifford Hugh Douglas

Steve Keen

Michael Hudson

Okay. Here is our economy’s deepest, worst and most inherent SYSTEMIC problem.

The rate of flow of total costs and so prices always exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes with which to liquidate/pay for those costs and so prices.

Okay, I’m sure you understand the word deep, but you also need to understand the word inherent. The definition of inherent is:

existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.

That is, it is a SYSTEMIC condition that will persist no matter whether you do something or don’t do something….unless what you do ACTUALLY resolves the inherent aspect of the problem. That means you cannot merely reform or reduce the problem…you have to solve it, that is solve the INHERENT SYSTEMIC condition completely…or it will persist.

So from the above statement we see that you have to increase individual incomes without simultaneously increasing costs. In other words the remedy is a costless increase to the rate of flow of total individual incomes, and because the above problem is a ratio it must be a sufficient costless increase to both individual incomes and a reduction to costs/prices….to create economic free flow.

Remember that. That it must create economic free flow through time, not just for a moment. We’ll come back to that.

In other words the SYSTEMIC remedy is both a costless increase in individual incomes, and a reduction of costs and prices. Now how can you increase individual incomes without increasing the costs of doing so? If you take out a loan you can get more money/income…..but it also increases your costs because you have to pay the loan back. You could take on another job, but a job is part of the system that INHERENTLY creates more costs than it does individual incomes, and because innovation and AI are already disruptive factors in reducing total, that is SYSTEMIC individual incomes, and are basically only getting started in this effect….it doesn’t solve the SYSTEMIC problem.

So the ONLY way you can solve the SYSTEMIC problem is to give everyone a GIFT of income on a continuing basis…..because that increases their incomes without increasing costs or prices. 

And so the ONLY way to actually solve that part of the problem is for YOU to realize that YOU REQUIRE a FREE GIFT of income every month!!! Terrible isn’t it?!!!

Okay. So how do you reduce costs and prices in a profit making system? If you tax businesses even more than they are taxed now they will simply pass those costs along to you the consumer in the form of higher prices. If you force businesses to reduce their prices even though their costs are already high and 80% of businesses actually fail within the first three years, usually not so much because they are poorly run, but because their costs are already high….and forcing them to reduce their prices would make their survival even more difficult. So the ONLY way you can actually solve the actual SYSTEMIC problem of  too high costs and so too high prices within a profit making system….is for the enterprise to Gift the consumer with a reduction in prices and then have a monetary authority to Gift ALL of the discounts to price BACK to the merchants so that they can be whole on their margins of profit and overhead payments. 

So the ONLY way to actually solve this part of the problem is for businessmen to realize that they are REQUIRED to give a FREE GIFT to consumers….and then to be reciprocally GIFTED that Gift BACK to them, not by the Banks who aren’t going to do so, but by a separate monetary authority specifically mandated to create such money and FREELY distribute it in the manner just stated. God awful isn’t it?!!!

Okay, and coming back to the fact that the economy must not just attain a statistical momentary equilibrium but rather a CONTINUING free flowingness you need to realize that this is why a relatively abundant monthly gift of individual incomes and a rational and intelligently implemented relatively abundant reduction in the costs and so prices are the two policies that resolve the deepest and most inherent problem of the economic system……because they enable and together actually create the PROCESS OF FREE FLOWINGNESS of the economy THROUGH TIME.  In other words you’re not trying and failing to continuously catch up each moment…you make the solution a continuous one, a process of free flowingness with relative abundance. Abundance is an aspect of the philosophical concept of grace…as is Gifting so these two policies are logically and philosophically aligned as well as synergistically accomplishing the solution to the problem….ACTUALLY IN THE TEMPORAL UNIVERSE IN EVERY RELEVANT WAY.  

Economists who do not understand this, even if they believe in disequilibrium as an economic reality, are MENTALLY STILL STUCK in the old paradigm of general equilibrium in this sense.

And finally, another thing the abundant universal dividend and abundantly high discount percentage does is reverse and solve the SYSTEMIC economic problem with ever increasing Debt which for over 5000 years has been the product of the problematic business model of Finance. They do this by balancing the currently SYSTEMICALLY enforced paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY by integrating and saturating the economy with Monetary Grace as in Gifting. More money for the individual, more profit for business and less and less Debt in the system. Finance Capitalism is a destructive parasite only out for its own benefit. Wisdomics-Gracenomics doesn’t want to destroy Finance, only end its dominance and manipulations. It wants to de-throne and de-tooth Finance and make it take its smaller and correct place along side every other business model.


A paradigm change is the result of integrating old paradigm thinking truths via an integrative concept, and so becomes a more unitary thirdness-oneness. In other words it takes an opposing duality of thinking and so thoroughly integrates ONLY the truths, highest workabilities, applicabilities and their highest ethical considerations….that a third, new and more whole and complete reality is the result….and that new reality is also a reflection of a concept that epitomizes thirdness, newness, oneness, wholeness and completeness itself, namely the natural concept of Grace.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is a true paradigm change because it does what every paradigm change does which is transform and progress a body of knowledge, but most importantly because it is about the concepts behind every actual paradigm change in human history, namely Grace and increased human awareness.

Grace is the ultimate integrated and actively integrative concept and reality because it is the state of complete combination of truths. Human consciousness is the ultimate integrative experience. Tat vam asi, you are it, as the vedanta perspective says. These two, the concept and experience of Grace and human consciousness itself, are actually an integrated/integrative whole themselves.

Let us look at some of the major aspects of the concept of Grace. List them.

Show how each paradigm change was about these aspects,  made them more real in the area of the paradigm change and increased our conscious perception of them as well. Show how Wisdom-Integration and its pinnacle concept Grace in paradigm changes always increases both our awareness and also increases and unifies pragmatism and the ideal.

Explain Copernican paradigm change and use epicycles to illustrate difference between reforms and paradigm changes.

All reforms are “epicycles”. A paradigm change is the new greater reality that resolves and unifies all of the epicycle thinking and that all factors within the subject the paradigm change is about will adapt to….not the other way around,….because that is part of the integrative and resolving nature of a paradigm change. Jot that down.


Integration-Wisdom is the agreement to engage in a minimum of contention regarding, and a maximum of the process of mutual combination of opposing truths, and only their truths.

Grace is the most pregnant concept in the world….because its the ultimate and most integrated state of everything, i.e. the cosmos.

Grace is both bothness integrated (duality) and bothness-andnessing (trinity-unity-newness-oneness-process) as well.

If you do not include the ethical content of the concept of Grace in economics…it ISN’T grace/gracefully flowing/gracious AT ALL, and so the economic system will inevitably degenerate down into a compulsive, unworkable and non-resolving dualism of profit and power ONLY. Ethics, real ethics that places the individual and his freedom first and freedom from enforced Debt for both the individual enterprise and the system is what economics requires the MOST. So how can you ignore, neglect or decry it?

Wisdom is not just facts. It is about truth and its discernment. It is the deeper and closer look at whatever is being looked at…or not actually or directly looked at, at all. Wisdom is neither what is facilely and unethically referred to as “not bean bag” nor is it “airy-fairy nonsense”. Wisdom is the best and most ethical integration of the practical and the ideal. Wisdom is the value of values themselves. Wisdom, and its pinnacle concept and experience grace, is the superlative state of human knowledge and ability to act even within the complexities and ambiguities of Life.

Wisdom and Wisdomics-Gracenomics is what economic theory thus now REQUIRES.


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