Answering The Conservative and Libertarian Concerns About Government By Pinpointing The Actual Problem, The Structural and Regulatory Balancing Of Finance and An Explanation of The Dual Policies of The New Paradigm of Monetary Gifting

Far be it from me to not be critical of the unimaginative, weak kneed and/or bought confederacy of political dunces that are the vast majority of our current representatives, but government itself is not the problem. Rather, it is government dominated and manipulated by the monopolistic monetary paradigms of Finance that is the real problem. And that means it is not Finance itself that is the problem, but its dominating and manipulating paradigms.  So this latter is the exact problem that must be balanced by a new paradigm of Monetary Gifting, and structurally balanced as well by a system of Public Banks that greatly reduces the incredibly unbalanced costs of private finance and also brings traditional finance back its correct roles of creditary assessment, and loans for actual concrete production. This would leave private finance the role of financing speculative, innovative ventures with already created and available monies in a regulated market that outlaws de-stabilizing and unethical purely financial instruments like MBS, CDS etc. and limits leveraging stock speculation as well.

The new paradigm of Monetary Gifting and its dual policies of an abundant monthly dividend (middle class lifestyle guarantee)  and a substantial percentage discount (30-40%) to the retail product of each business model’s products/services throughout the entire economic process from mining of resources on through to the model of retail sale itself, that is fully rebated back to these merchants so long as they agree to have their “books” rigorously scrutinized and agree not to arbitrarily raise their prices without legitimate economic costs that might justify such.


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