The Real Issues Behind The Frenzy….and Their Resolution

The investigation of the Trump administration is necessary in my opinion, not because there was witting espionage involved, but much more likely because it will eventually uncover what I believe is Trump’s most problematic vulnerabilty…his reliance upon international finance and the entangling bail out favors he has been given by Russian oligarchs.  I think this is what is behind the non-disclosure of his taxes which would make clear his unwitting entrapment by Russian oligarchs and consequent vulnerability to Russian manipulation as well.  So investigate ….before unwitting entrapment becomes overt espionage.

Finance and its monopolistic powers and paradigms of Debt and Loan Only IS the biggest problem afflicting the world….except that is for those they favor and would like to have control over via virtual gifts given to them in order to bail them out of bankruptcy.

If the Trump administration wanted to create stable prosperity out of the slow motion but increasing acceleration toward international financial collapse, they would immediately adopt the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics which break up the dominating and manipulating monopoly paradigms of Finance. And then the continual media frenzy and general stress surrounding all manner of less significant issues would undoubtedly subside and we could get on with peace, prosperity and the time to contemplate the really important things in Life like finding personal purpose in the leisure society Wisdomics-Gracenomics’ policies would effect.

In other words as much as I dislike Trump’s third rate populist intellectualism and political demagoguery I can’t quite envision him as an overt traitor. I can see him being a willing receiver of unethically laundered money to bail him out of bankruptcy and hence becoming an unwitting tool of Russia. So rather than let his possibly unwitting usefulness to same morph into a much more harmful variety why not turn the tables on both the Russians and the business model of Finance by de-throning and neutering them in favor a theory and policies that would empower the individual and profit making systems….and make him the president who did so????


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