Steve Keen Is Very Smart….

…but he hasn’t utilized the closer look of Wisdom to become aware enough of the actual process of commerce to discover how to free enterprise from the tyranny of Finance’s monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan Only….like I have with my Wisdomics-Gracenomics.

The stops occurring throughout the entire process of commerce are also summation points of costs and prices. Hence if you implement the monetary policy of a discount to prices to the next consumer precisely at each of those points and then rebate those discounts back to the merchant giving them you’ll accomplish the following things:

Free enterprise from the austerity enforced by the monopolistic paradigms of Finance,

Tend to saturate the entire economy with the new paradigm I advocate, Monetary Gifting,

Beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems

And if you implement a sufficiently abundant universal dividend as well (a policy Keen again half consciously advocates in his recent acceptance of the idea of a universal basic income)  you’ll free the individual and as a kicker make the transfer taxes both individuals and enterprise pay immediately redundant and completely unnecessary.

Wisdom and its pinnacle concept Grace, the closer, more practical and workable, freeing and ethically elevating look.


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