The Reasons They’re Called Wisdomics-Gracenomics and The Cosmic Code and The Process of Their Discovery and Elaboration

Economically and intellectually I owe a lot to a handful of Social Credit advocates and to the founder of Social Credit C. H. Douglas. Their steadfastness and knowledge enabled me to realize that the concept behind Social Credit was indeed the same one behind and pointed at by each and all of the world’s various Wisdom traditions which were my adult study. After contemplating them it became clear to me that several extraordinary experiences I had had in my life were actually the exact experiences of many of the aspects of that underlying Wisdom concept known as Grace. Recognizing that the aspects of the concept of Grace and the classical and correct goals of economics are synonymous, i.e. balance, equilibrium and flow the theory of Wisdomics/Gracenomics was born.

Now modern economies are not in, and do not tend toward equilibrium. So how is equilibrium then accomplished, and is it actually what we should be aiming for as policy? Wisdom has always been deciphering the truths in complexity and seeming opposites, and paradigm changes down through history have actually always been inversions of the current paradigms and/or primary problematic conditions that exist before the paradigm change occurs. Hence the Social Credit insight that the primary problematic condition of modern economies, the monetary scarcity ratio of a greater rate of flow of total costs/prices to the rate of flow of total individual incomes simultaneously created…. became my insight of a necessary complete inversion, not just a statistical equilibrium, but “the higher disequilibrium” of a higher rate of flow of individual incomes in ratio to costs/prices via an abundant universal dividend and its dual policy of an abundant/high percentage rate discount of every business model’s retail product (not just at retail sale itself which was the official Social Credit policy) that is rebated back to them,  and thus having the policy effects of encompassing and saturating the entire economic process with the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting, stabilizing the macro-economy and terminally ending the dominating monetary paradigms of private or public Finance of Debt, Loan and For Production Only….all in one fell swoop.

Wisdom perceives/discerns truth, realities, workabilities and their best ethical applications in complexity and even seeming opposites. It is attentive looking and seeing both inwardly and outwardly. It cuts to the core of a problem and resolves it in an integrative and optimal fashion.  It was the recognition that retail sale was the terminal stopping point of the economy which I learned from Social Credit theory combined with the wisdom insight that all things existing within the temporal universe must follow the inexorable process of Start, Change and Stop and the closer look indicative of Wisdom that lead to my idea of the discount not just to retail prices, but to the retail product/service of every business model. Also from Start, Change and Stop I recognized that the concept of trinity itself was a Wisdom insight and that trinity-unity-oneness was the pinnacle Wisdom insight of one of the world’s wisdom traditions and that the idea of Grace was also the pinnacle goal and concept of same. Then I recognized that in fact the natural experience of Grace was a trinity-unity-oneness experience of

[ (Space x Time)  <–>  Self Awareness ] …and The Cosmic Code was born.

Self awareness being consciousness itself it became apparent that reflectively full consciousness/the philosophical concept and natural experience of Grace was the missing and largely unconscious concept and goal/solution of economics, Wisdom traditions themselves and the basis for all human psycho-therapeutic disciplines. It became clear to me that the Cosmic Code was applicable to all of these and as one took the closer look, its formula itself and stated reality of: “an integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-consciousness-process” was replete in nature (the symmetry of opposing sides of a leaf and the stem from which they arose and many other examples), reflected in logic (the Hegelian dialectic), the nature of a human problem and its resolution [ (Postulate x Counter Postulate <–>  Resolution ], mathematics (as in the Fibonacci sequence, Einstein’s [e = (mc squared) ] etc. etc.), the very process of Wisdom itself [(Truth x Opposing Truth) <–> Third more unitary and whole truth], and again, its pinnacle concept Grace

[ (Space x Time) <–> Self Awareness ].



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