The Nature of Old Paradigms Makes Otherwise Intelligent People Stupid

Paradigms are generally held beliefs, patterns, ideas, theories and structural realities. Hence they are habitual which makes them largely if not completely unexamined. This nature is what makes people who are very knowledgeable and even very iconoclastic….still largely unaware of the new paradigms necessary to end the dominance of the old.

For instance, Steve Keen is in my opinion the best and most iconoclastic economist on the planet and yet he still has faint knowledge of the philosophical concept behind the new monetary paradigm that will de-throne the old one. This despite the fact that one of his best and primary ideas for stabilizing the macro-economy is “a modern debt jubilee” which is a perfect reflection of the new paradigm of Gifting and the philosophical concept behind that paradigm. He also is against economic austerity which is the opposite of abundance the latter of which is another aspect of the new paradigm and philosophical concept.

Until one steps thoroughly into the mindset of a new paradigm their mind remains within the limiting intellectual and philosophical influences of the old one. It’s a bold decision and “a leap of faith” that for numerous personal reasons most will never take… least until it becomes the new idea. And then they will undoubtedly say, “I was telling you that all along.” And in some cases they would actually be correct except they were not sufficiently aware of the underlying concept to be confident enough to actually declare it. One’s level of awareness of anything is always the the operant factor in its reality to them and hence their boldness in declaring it.

I have been advocating the new monetary and economic paradigm of Gifting for almost 10 years and have fully fleshed out its philosophical concept not only in the spheres of economics and money systems, but also as it will expand and assist our survival by integrating it into the mindset mode of Science. I have also formulated a code, a formula, a model for integrating this concept into all of our systems and even our thoughts so that we may truly progress and increasingly free ourselves from our inevitable flaws and irrationalities.

Wisdomics/Gracenomics and The Cosmic Code Of Wisdom….the two books that will bring full consciousness and stable prosperity to economics and money systems, and Wisdom to an armed and dangerous world afflicted with blindness, obsessive contentiousness and addiction to power.


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