The Way Out, The Way Home….

The way out of the paradigms of Scarcity and Debt and Loan ONLY, and the way home to economic and financial free flowingness is understanding the fullness of the concept of ABUNDANT Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-PROCESS FOR BOTH THE INDIVIDUAL AND ENTERPRISE.  It is also a confirmation of The Cosmic Code of Wisdom.

SCS comes to a complete stop and so is not free flowingness. Hence continuous process of SCS/Trinity-Unity is the answer

Thermo-dynamics confirms equilibrium to be entropic/static/useless/cost inflationary dead end and “the higher disequiibrium” to be the dynamic scientific means of attaining and maintaining a non-entropic monetary and economic free flowingness

Ecological sensitivity and ethic is of long term and ultimate importance, and yet by first awakening to a new monetary paradigm of Gifting and then creating an integrative, innovative, rational, ethical and structurally balanced financial system by ending private finance’s current monopoly is the key to developing the best way of being more productive with less resources

Systemic Importance of the Duality of both the Individual and Enterprise

Integrated Scientific Duality Within an Integrative Philosophical/Spiritual Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process is Confirmation of The Cosmic Code

[ (A x B)  x  G/C ]

The Cosmic Code is the expression of the ultimate integration of Science and Spirituality in a Supra (above) Naturalism that is neither mere science nor mere religion.


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