Expanded Definition of Wisdom

Wisdom is the thorough integration of seeming opposites and/or seeming unresolvable problems with only optimal solutions and only truths, workabilities, applicabilities and the highest ethical considerations of both sides of the opposites under consideration.

Wisdom is never a palliative, particularly a palliation of a dominant present power,  and it is never an incomplete or shallow analysis, but rather the analysis that perceives and maintains its focus on the core of the problem and hence is the analysis that actually and completely resolves the problem.

Wisdom is the truest human insight/insights and is hence perfectly reflective of an effective psycho-analysis. It is a well known psychological observation that when a neurotic actually resolves his/her core conflict, not only does the patient’s problem disappear, but many other attending irrational behaviors that may be tenuously or even unrelated to that basic problem tend to dissipate and/or disappear. As with the individual, so with the system because, after all, the most basic component of any human system is the humans themselves.  This why the C. H. Douglas statement “Systems were made for Man, not Man for systems” is so pungently true, so focused on the most basic ethical problem….and consequently wise.



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