New Paradigms Are Always Absurd….

….before they become the new obvious reality….that everyone says, “We knew it all along” or “I’ve actually been saying that for a long time.” The only thing is though, that very few actually comprehend the new paradigm in anything like a fully conscious way. Maybe bits and pieces of it. An aspect here and part of a policy there. But only those who have thoroughly opened their minds to “the absurd and unthinkable” ever actually perceive and fully visualize it. This is entirely historically established and yet still few actually perceive a new paradigm. Such is the power of habit, self interest, cultural bias and Man’s dependence on orthodoxy.

The new monetary paradigm is monetary grace as in Gifting. Gifting of money directly to the individual and reciprocal Gifting of retail product price first to the consumer and then back to the enterprise who Gifted the price in the first place. Yes, there are other problems economic and otherwise, but the new monetary paradigm will literally transform the economy and the money system and enable so many of our other problems to be confronted and resolved as well. Just open your mind to it. Oh, sure there are a thousand doubts, “scientific” questions, and the mental flux of complexity, but just countenance it, look at it, let it seep into your mind. The Wisdom of the natural philosophical concept and psychological experience of grace is the next evolutionary step for economics and humanity in general. Science is wonderful and beautiful, but it is shit and piss compared to Wisdom, and Wisdom contains the scientific method and enhances the likelihood of scientific breakthrough.

I’ve been through the looking glass and back, and I fully see the truths from both perspectives and the untruths that need to be deleted from same. Contemplate grace and you “cannot put a foot wrong.”

Steve Hummel 04/23/2017


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