Bothness (Duality) and Opposing Bothness Integrated: A Part of The Anatomy Of Grace, The Process of Wisdom and The Key To Paradigm Perception

The anatomy of the concept and personal experience of Grace is:

[ (Space-Time)  <–>  Self Awareness ] = Grace so the duality of Space and Time is a part of that anatomy.

The opposing monetary and economic duality of (Debt x Gifting) whose truths are integrated and untruths deleted is the very process of Wisdom applied to those systems.

As Wisdom is the integration of the truths of opposites and new paradigms/paradigm changes are always characterized by the inversion of the prior primary paradigm with the new one (not the destruction or elimination of the prior paradigm) perception and understanding of genuine opposites is a key skill of Wisdom and the key to recognizing a new paradigm as well.





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