Why Wisdom Is A More Complete and Useful Mental Discipline Than Science

Wisdom includes and incorporates the scientific method.

Both are Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Processes and hence are based on the most basic cosmic reality.

Scientific breakthroughs have always resulted from an integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of Wisdom/Consciousness (curiosity, imagination-visualization, a sense of newness, now-ness and an intense and vibrant and yet almost effortless focus, realization-cognition itself, reflectivity, recognition of new and broader realities and relationships, both increased rationality and pragmatic applications, etc. etc.)

It appears to me that physics has been trying to integrate science and Wisdom/Consciousness for almost 100 years, and the only thing actually preventing it is a scientific religiosity that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge and experience consciousness/self awareness which is the only existential reality….that is never not present in any activity and in any moment. How unscientific is it to exclude such reality? Also, the actions of human consciousness: reaching in or out to experience realities and withdrawing from realities thus making such realities real/experienced or not real/unexperienced perfectly reflect quantum reality where particles come into existence and then go out of existence…probably because consciousness is such an utterly integrated and integrative aspect of the the physical universe/cosmos and so…why should the two not reflect each other??? The puzzling thing is science’s and scientist’s reluctance to embrace these facts/realities.

I emphasize that Wisdom is not religion itself and not the religious dogmas and pre-scientific conclusions often made by same, but a contemplative looking at and experiencing of any and all realities and their inner and outer rational application. In essence a more complete scientific method than what passes for the scientific method today.

The current scientific method is hung up in positivism and empiricism. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with either positivism or empiricism, but when they are used as overweening methodological means they become religious doctrines not science. Wisdom has no problem with positivism, empiricism or consciousness and its aspects and effects, and this closer, deeper, broader, more expansive and inclusive way of looking is why Wisdom is the more complete and more useful mental discipline.


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