Reflectivity: The Nature of Logic, Philosophy, Physical Nature and Consciousness/Spirituality

It is broadly established and believed that reflectivity is an aspect of logic, philosophy and nature. It is much less known/understood that it is also the nature of Consciousness/Spirituality.

The Immediacy of Personal and potential immediacy of Systemic Transformation could be accomplished by fully embracing reflectivity/Becoming The Mirror.   zen images

Future Topics

Wavelength: Experiencing The Solidity of Space, The Immediacy of Time and The Vast, Microscopic and Seeming Infinitude of Physical Universe Experience   The traditional experience of God’s Grace “falling” on oneself is actually the intense, heightened and simultaneous experience of both the wavelength and particle realities of the Quantum universe

Debt: The Tragedy of Obsessive Taking and Forgetting Both Giving and Receiving   Ruling psychology of Finance

Monetary Grace As In Gifting: The Way Out Of The Paradigm of Debt and The Way Home To Economic Abundance, Stability and Flow  The new monetary paradigm

Taxes:  How the Direct Distributive monetary paradigm could eliminate virtually all federal and state income and transfer taxes leaving only the need for economic vice taxes on asset inflation, financial speculation and rentiering


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