Using Science and Mathematics Is A Much Slower and More Shallow Means of Discovering Truth Than The Rigorous Practice of Both Scientific Insight and Wisdom and Spirituality

Steve Keen, probably the best economist on the planet, has continually tacked in the direction of Social Credit’s hypothesis and at least half of its policies, but he hasn’t yet recognized the extensions of Social Credit’s dual policies as elaborated in my books  Wisdomics/Gracenomics and The Cosmic Code and hence the consciousness insights of reflectivity, inversion of the primacy of empirical truths, the natural and spiritual power of the trinity-unity-oneness reality of the cosmos, the exact process of Wisdom and its concise formulation which itself is an integration of science and spirituality and so enables the deepening of the method of science, the acceleration of scientific insight and the greater likelihood of scientific breakthrough.

This is the lesson of Wisdom and Spirituality. Integration of opposing truths and only their opposing truths is Wisdom, and the result of adequate/complete Integration is the thirdness-oneness/trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process that is the underlying cosmic reality.


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