Posted To Positive Money.Org 03/31/2017

This is a good analysis of the differences between UBI/HCM, and it is good to see that current monetary reformers have re-discovered C. H. Douglas. The problem however is the monetary and economic problem remains only half resolved….even with a the implementation of a UBI/HCM. It requires the dual policies of a universal dividend AND a retail discount. In other words C. H. Douglas’ analysis and policies were right….right from the start. Douglas’ only problem was he wasn’t confident enough to advocate an abundant dividend and a high percentage retail discount (even though he considered these) thereby greatly reducing the necessity of Finance to attempt (and still fail) to equillibrate the economy. Neither did he realize the wisdom and practicality of extending the discount policy to the retail product of every business model instead of restricting it to the retail business model alone. These policy extensions and the full fleshing out of the new economic philosophy and new monetary paradigm necessary to stabilize modern technologically advanced economies can be found in my soon to be published book Wisdomics/Gracenomics: The New Integrative Economic and Monetary Theory and on my blog at


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