Steve Bannon Is Right…

….except for one tiny little detail. He wants to destroy the establishment when transforming it by focusing on the correct targets with the correct new philosophy, new policies and new paradigm is what is desperately required instead. 

Paradigm changes do occur, and they are transformational. This is historically verifiable and not some airy, fairy nonsense and/or religious delusion.  They are naturally occurring  conscious changes in the minds of the population led by strategic areas of their leadership.

It (paradigm change) is historically always a conscious awakening to an old concept in a new area/areas of human endeavor.

It is always an integration of ONLY the truths and workabilities of opposing ideas/theories ….and that results in a higher and more unified ethic in specific areas, and if  the area under examination is a generally  relevant one that effects virtually everyone….a general ethical unification as well.

The correct targets are the structural entrenchment and current paradigms of Finance. The old idea is Grace, in the present case, as in Gifting consciously integrated into the economy. The way forward is a movement to communicate how the new paradigm dovetails with the economic, monetary and personal self interests of large often opposing constituencies like the small to medium sized business community, students, female careerists and women who prefer a traditional family role. Then lobby both parties with the exact policies and the list of  goals and accomplishments the new paradigm and its aligned policies will effect and how these are far more than either of the two parties has accomplished in the last 70-80 years of them merely contending with and invalidating each other.


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