Old Primary Paradigms Do Not Give Up Their Primacy Without Intelligent and Thorough Integration Of The New Paradigm

Debt saturates the current economy. Monetary grace as in Gifting must do the same in order to become the primary and new paradigm.

The concept of grace, which is actually synonymous with consciousness, has many aspects besides freeness/Gifting, among them are abundance, flow/process, reciprocity/exchange, directness, individually experienced, potency and yet good will/intending and doing no harm, reflectivity, integration and complete saturation/union. To properly reflect an integral consistency with grace as it would apply to economics and the money system these aspects would need to be a part of its policies.

A universal dividend that was abundant would directly saturate the economy with money/credit to the individual and through the process of time. An abundant discount to each business model’s retail product that was exchanged/reciprocally gifted back to them by a monetary authority would further saturate Gifting throughout the entire process and flow of the economy and at the point of totality of costs for each business model, namely their retail product which is also where production becomes consumption and hence the exact end point of the economic process, where no agent can any longer be harmed and hence such policy is of good will/intending and doing no harm.

So is the philosophical consistency, logical alignment and  reflectivity with the concept of grace intelligently and relevantly maintained in these policies.


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