Grace As In Gifting/Reciprocality: Its Workability, Movement of Receiver in Paradigm Change and Transformative Effects During Same

Presently the money system is basically an enforced Banking accounting cycle of Debt distribution to an agent and its reciprocal repayment to the Bank.  It is a digital/Debit-Credit system that has been with us for over 400 years and is an excellently workable one.

With the new monetary and economic paradigm of direct and reciprocal monetary Gifting being integrated into this system new receivers of reciprocality are created, namely the individual and every business model. This enables a more democratic distribution of credit/purchasing power, ends the currently enforced and dominating Financial/Monetary paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only,  resolves the present inherently cost inflationary economic system and costlessly transforms it for all agents.


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