Grace As In Gifting: The Concept With A Real Pedigree

President Trump and the American people are inevitably going to lose because neither the orthodoxies of the right or left are up to the task of resolving our problems. Trump is counseled by Steve Bannon who believes in a sketchy historic theory called The Fourth Turning, and who counsels Trump to participate in a destructive and counterfeit trinity-unity known as force, flux and “Progress” as in take more power. Trinity-Unity is indeed the correct intellectual, philosophical and non-provincially spiritual concept that is necessary for the resolution of our systemic problems, but it is the trinity-Unity of Faith as in Confidence, Hope and Love both within oneself and its active form in the temporal universe also known as Grace. Now there is a concept with a real and transformative pedigree.

Steve Hummel 03/24/2017


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