Oneness/Reach/Grace/Action—- Reflectivity/Withdraw/Duality/Inaction

One of the deepest secrets of the cosmos is reflectivity. It is also one of the primary and highest aspects of consciousness. Reflectivity denotes twoness/duality/withdrawal/inaction from the temporal/physical universe.

The deepest secret of the cosmos is Oneness and it is also the primary and highest aspect of consciousness. Oneness is accomplished by the act of reaching out to the physical/temporal universe and consciously becoming one with it. When one reaches out to the temporal universe it becomes real to one. When one’s consciousness withdraws from something in the temporal universe in that moment and for all practical purposes it ceases to be real to one. Reaching and withdrawing of consciousness are the actions of a conscious being in the temporal universe. They also exactly reflect the state of the quantum universe where particles are continually coming into being and going out of being within a field of consciousness all three states being so utterly integrated that they are virtually a oneness. Basically the only difference between the quantum reality and temporal reality is that there is a lot more space and time in the temporal universe and consciousness is more subtle and so missed, while in the quantum universe consciousness is a fully integrated and active part of it.


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