Hypnotized By The Paradigm Of Debt ONLY

The whole problem economically is that everyone, including the leading economic theorists, is so hypnotized by THE IDEA of Debt ONLY. We require a new monetary paradigm of Gifting to be thoroughly integrated into the debt (as in + and -) based pricing and money system. Gifting will enable us to resolve so many of our modern technologically advanced economic problems that it is amazing that theorists do not see it. Again they and nearly everyone is hypnotized by the paradigm of Debt ONLY.

Here is a list of problems that Gifting resolves and from both the perspective of the left and the right’s agendas:

Economic Democracy- Left

Governmental/Taxation Bureaucracy- Right

Macro and Micro Stability- Left and Right

Financial Domination- Left

Renewal of Profit Making Systems- Right

Beyond economic and political solutions Gifting will resolve the restraining of Mankind’s mind by the overwhelming amount of time and energy currently required for the overwhelming majority to attain and maintain material and financial security.  Leisure, which is not idleness, but rather self determined directed activity, will free Mankind from the failed and now enforced idea of homo economicus and enable us to fulfill our actual species designation of homo sapiens, i.e. wise and discerning man.

The happy and full life has many purposes in addition to employment. Gifting vastly increases the number and range of purposes available to the individual and will usher in a new Renaissance if guided by the the natural philosophical concept upon which every one of Mankind’s wisdom traditions and monetary gifting is based, namely  Grace/graciousness.


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