Necessity of Both Policies of Wisdomics/Social Credit: Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 02/10/2017

The problem is that even if you have control of the currency if you don’t craft monetary policies that costlessly hits the actual problem, namely that the system creates a flow of total costs that always exceeds the flow of total individual incomes, you won’t solve the actual systemic problem. In other words you can palliate the economy’s problem forever and ever by both cutting costs and by dumping more money into it in the form of debt or even with debt free money for infrastructure etc. ….but you’ll never ACTUALLY SOLVE the systemic problem until you DIRECTLY GIVE THE INDIVIDUAL A CONTINUAL GIFT OF MONEY in addition to what they may or may not make via employment.

And then, if you don’t have a policy that eliminates the inevitablility of demand pull and circumstantial cost inflation you’re still not going to stabilize the economy. The idea that you won’t have inflation if you have equitability of supply and demand is just another liberal half truth….the same as the conservative notion that the economy tends toward equilibrium is a falsehood/half truth.

If you don’t stop Finance from controlling things they will do whatever they can to encourage/outright bribe/create/ inflation….and they’ll succeed. You have to have a policy SOLUTION for BOTH scarce individual incomes AND inflation of all stripes. Otherwise you’re just fooling yourself that you’re solving the problem and also letting finance wriggle free to rule with its monopolistic monetary paradigms.


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